Debut Release by Ian Ventress

ian-ventressWorking as a businessman for many years, IAN VENTRESS also wrote poems. Ian quickly progressed and began the journey of honing his song writing skills & talent. He wrote many more songs creating both lyrics & melodies. At that point to begin with his friend then created demos in Ian’s home studio. Friends, family & industry professionals are very supportive of Ian’s new found skills and he has been greatly encouraged to further develop this work with very surprising and pleasing results.

Ian’s tracks are now being professionally produced by Paul Worthington at Broadwater Studios Gateshead. This is a new and unexpected turn of events in Ian’s life as a new emerging talented songwriter. Ian’s management team at VJ Media are swiftly moving ahead on this project. Once Ian had decided to explore working in the music industry, in a little over a month VJ Media secured a release and publishing deal with Plankton Records for his first single “Mama” with a lilting African vibe sung with the deep rich tones of Lu Petres. “Mama” has a fabulous musical twist with a Rap section featuring Matt Kitchen aka Consept. Once you hear “Mama” you will be hooked with its memorable chorus.

Ian’s first album will consist of varying styles, genres and great new emerging artists. Watch the video “Mama”


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