Review Xtra – Kids Worship : Ultimate Collection @integritymusic

kids-worship-ultimate-collectionKIDS WORSHIP : Ultimate Collection. (Integrity : B01GNT20X6)

Here’s 20 songs that have been especially chosen to help kids worship. With the exception of one track from both Cathy Burton and Dave Griffiths, there’s no credits given to the lead vocal, and this led me to remember those horrible Top of the Pops albums done by session singers in the 70’s. The only change here is the appearance of children’s voices, backing most of the adult performances. A lot of the songs remain faithful to the original recordings, but the tacky dance feel given to “History Maker” should never be heard again. “Gods’ Great Dance Floor” and “Happy Day” start the ball rolling, and are followed by a competent version of “My Lighthouse.” As well as singing, lots of children cheer enthusiastically on the “Happy Song” – I guess, because they ARE happy! “Freedom” has a gospel edge to it, with some off-putting hollering thrown in, whilst I found “Nothing is Impossible” to be rather repetitive in delivery. I’d not heard of the song “Dance, Dance” before, but I thought that it was quite infectious, and one that kids would really love. “I Am Free” is retro punk, with thrashing guitars, but my favourite track has to be “Soul On Fire.” Everything seems to click musically on this song, and the choir sounds spot on. For once, the kids sound as if they’re meant to be there and not just added into the sound for good measure. All in all, it’s quite a decent selection of songs, with just one or two exceptions. I’d aim the appropriate age range somewhere around 8-12 years, otherwise the listening kids might want to hear the original artists instead. 7/10.


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