The Review Zone – Spring Harvest : Gamechangers @springharvest @elevationmusic

spring-harvest-game-changersSPRING HARVEST : Gamechangers. (Elevation : ELE2134D)

Here’s one of the annual collections of songs from this year’s Spring Harvest. It contains 16 songs featuring lead worshippers Cathy Burton, Ben Cantelon, Lou Fellingham, Nick Herbert, Chris McClarney and Sound of Wales. It’s Cantelon who starts proceedings, with a song called “Lion and The Lamb.” There’s bright guitars, that lead to a typically modern worship song, but with the added bonus of an over long bridge. “Hallelujah” features Fellingham on vocals and I was surprised just how squeaky her voice sounded. However, most of the album suffers from rather poor vocal production, which surprised me, as Elevation are usually so good with live recordings. On “Highway to the Heavens” Burton gives a gentle, laid back vocal, while McClarney gives a very lethargic performance on “No Longer Slaves.” Even though the song does improve towards the end, it just doesn’t hold the power of the Newsboys recent version. Sound of Wales offer, possibly, the best tracks on the album, with “Wide Open Spaces” and “Here is Love.” Both songs contain excellent vocals, and the latter is, for me, simply glorious. Of the rest of the songs, Nick Herbert shows great feeling on the particularly engaging track “Lord I Need You,” and Cathy Burton receives great audience appreciation on “Great is Our God.” Of all the live Spring Harvest albums I’ve had the pleasure to listen to, this one just seems to lack a little of the magic. 6/10.


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