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Like most songwriters, you probably love the idea of hearing your songs recorded really well. You’ve possibly tried recording yourself – maybe on your laptop or phone, but the quality makes you cringe, and you’d be too embarrassed to let anybody else actually listen. That’s a real problem because your songs are meant to be heard! Instead, the total number of lives enriched, and spirits lifted, is a resounding zero.What’s worse is that you know the songs are good. But they just don’t sound good – a painful place to be.

What if there was someone willing to walk with you, step-by-step, so that the music hidden inside you is finally brought to light? Well, that is that is exactly what I do! I got so frustrated with how bad my own recordings sounded that I decided to do something radical about it: I invested thousands of hours and thousands of pounds into my education.

Now, all that I’ve learned I am sharing with you.

Here are the areas I can help you with:

  1. Write : We’ll make use of proven guidelines that successful songwriters have been using for years and explore the possibilities of making what you’ve written even better.
  1. Record: We’ll take your song framework and I’ll guide you through choosing the right style, which instruments and sounds, work together well, and how they can be orchestrated to create the emotional impact you’re looking for.

If you play or sing, then it would be great to record you performing your songs. However, even if you’re a songwriter who can’t play a note or hold a tune, all is not lost. I play a number of instruments and will happily fill in any gaps in your arrangement – no matter how wide! We can also draw upon my network of session musician friends, and if your song is in need of someone to sing it, I have available a pool of gifted vocalists I can introduce you to.

  1. Release: Whichever direction you want to go, I can help you release your music – from the confined place it’s currently in, to flowing freely in the direction of the people who need to hear it. To do this we can make use of a combination of graphic design, photography, copywriting, video, web design & social media.

Make the music that’s in your heart. You really don’t have to be a young, stick-thin pop star for your songs to be valuable and for them to make the world a better place. You have full permission to make the music that’s in your heart to make.

Some of the artists I’ve worked with have gone from obscurity to enjoying radio play, and we’ve had songs placed on magazine cover discs too.

So, would you like me to help you bring your songs out of hiding?

Find out more & hear examples:

I look forward to meeting you,



Garth Brooks Stands Frozen In Shock When Randy Travis Unexpectedly Sings After Massive Stroke

randy-travis-garth-brooksIn 2013, country singer Randy Travis suffered a debilitating stroke caused by a viral infection. The Grammy-winning artist, known for his distinctive baritone vocals, underwent numerous surgeries while in critical condition.

After six months in the hospital, Travis fought back and recovered. Miraculously, he gained his voice back — though he still can’t speak in full sentences.

Travis, 57, was inducted into the 2016 Country Music Hall of Fame. During the medallion ceremony in Nashville, TN, he unexpectedly broke into a rendition of “Amazing Grace” while standing at the podium.

No one expected it, and everyone was speechless.

“Randy stared death in the face, but death blinked,” his wife, Mary Davis-Travis, announced to the crowd. “Today, God’s proof of a miracle stands before you.”

Garth Brooks was one of the many artists who honored this year’s inductees. He also stood beside Travis onstage while he accepted the award.

Travis is the first country artist whose debut album went platinum in the first year it was released.

GOD TV airs Awakening Europe LIVE from Sweden


Thousands of Christians are travelling to Stockholm this weekend for Awakening Europe, a mass gathering at the Friends Arena and GOD TV will air it LIVE worldwide. Several sessions from the event will be aired from 28 to 30 October, 2016 capturing the excitement of the crowd, music from top Gospel artists and messages from leading speakers.

Hosted by Ben Fitzgerald of GODfest Ministries, Awakening Europe will feature Todd White of Lifestyle Christianity, Heidi Baker of Iris Global, Joakim Lundqvist of Word of Life Church and Paul Manwaring of Bethel Church. Worship leaders include Jeremy Riddle (Bethel Music); Daniel Hagen and the Resound Band, Jake Hamilton, Chris Pöschl and Northwind Collective.

Awakening Europe in Stockholm follows a large-scale stadium event in Nuremberg, Germany last year where many thousands gathered to be part of a spiritual rekindling in Europe. This year’s theme is ‘Disturb the normal’ and aims to build a new ‘Jesus People’ Movement that will impact the nations for the Kingdom of God.

GOD TV Founder, Wendy Alec will present a half-hour Pre Show LIVE from Stockholm on each of the three days, to mobilise GOD TV’s viewers to pray for the upcoming event, with interviews with some of the guest speakers.

“Scandinavia is an ignition key for the evangelisation of Europe,” said Wendy Alec. “Nuremberg was the beginning of something significant, that is going to happen in Scandinavia and overflow into Russia, Switzerland, and France and across the English Channel to the UK.”

Co-operation with other Christian Networks

In an unprecedented move, GOD TV is making the LIVE programmes available to three other Christian networks to enable many more viewers across Scandinavia to watch. Local networks Kanal 10; Visjon Norge/Sverige; and TV7plus will all carry GOD TV’s LIVE broadcasts of Awakening Europe, Scandinavia from 28 to 30 October, 2016, saturating the Nordic countries with the Gospel.

“It’s a privilege for us to join with other Christian broadcasters so more lives can be impacted by this major event,” said GOD TV President and CEO, Ward Simpson. “We are stepping into a new season of unity in the Body of Christ and unity brings God’s blessing.”

GOD TV can be watched throughout the UK on SKY (580), Freesat (694) and Virgin (279). Viewers can also access GOD TV’s webstream on their smartphone via the GOD TV App; online (; or TV screen, (Apple TV and Roku).


For more details about Awakening Europe visit     See for more information about GOD TV.

Review Xtra – Danny O’Callaghan : Son of My Father @dannocallaghan

danny-ocallaghan-son-of-my-fatherDANNY O’CALLAGHAN : Son of My Father. (Freshwater Media.)

This is a five track EP, containing a series of songs that talk about a lost soul finding its way back home to the father.
The first track “Burn” has also been released as a single, and is a fast paced rock track with a driving beat and lots of jangling guitar licks, which are a feature throughout this EP. There is also a Celtic feel behind some of the tracks too. I liked this EP right from the word go, it’s all quite straightforward and unpretentious, and has a style that is quite different from a lot of stuff that’s around at the moment. There’s a kind of honesty behind it. The lyrics are well written, and make their point clearly. I’d quite like to hear a full album by Danny, but in the meantime this is well worth a listen. It’s available on itunes, Spotify, and all the usual outlets. 9/10 Andy Sayner.

Review Xtra – Cissa : Connexion

cissa-connexionCISSA : Connexion. (

Senegal born Cissa has been making music since the mid-90’s. However, 2012 is the year that rang out with the arrival of a top-notch album, with his unique style that includes variations of gospel, R&B, Afro Dance Soul and Afro Beat. 3 years later, Cissa’s European tour saw him visit France, Belgium and The Netherlands, This new album is sung almost entirely in French, but the sleeve notes are also written in English. Saying that, I still found it very difficult to make the translated lyrics scan and fit into each song. What I can say is that Cissa’s songs are predominantly very catchy in style. From the opening “Sacrifice” to the closing “Alleluia”, there’s hardly a tune I didn’t enjoy. “Le Secours” (The Rescue) is a mellow acoustic number that also features some very light percussion. There’s more of a reggae feel to “Alpha-Omega”, were Cissa sings to Jesus “You will come back to bring us to you.” Being freed by the blood of Jesus appears to be the subject of both the title track and “Heritage”. The latter has an uptemo beat while the former sounds Latin in origin. On “Trone De Grace” (Throne of Grace), I thought that the accompanying saxophone was rather intrusive, as it fights with Cissa’s vocals for supremacy. On “Soins Du Couer” (Heart Care), the lyrics give warning about letting things like jealousy, hate and resentment making your heart bitter. Instead, focus on forgiveness and make your heart a loving one instead. Here, the tune races along and I found it almost impossible to keep up, once more, with translation. Judging by his press release, Cissa is a very busy chap and has even released an album dedicated to children centring on education and upbringing. I’d love to hear his songs, sung in English as, for me, I just found reading the lyrics alongside his French tongue a little too much. 6/10.

Debut Release by Ian Ventress

ian-ventressWorking as a businessman for many years, IAN VENTRESS also wrote poems. Ian quickly progressed and began the journey of honing his song writing skills & talent. He wrote many more songs creating both lyrics & melodies. At that point to begin with his friend then created demos in Ian’s home studio. Friends, family & industry professionals are very supportive of Ian’s new found skills and he has been greatly encouraged to further develop this work with very surprising and pleasing results.

Ian’s tracks are now being professionally produced by Paul Worthington at Broadwater Studios Gateshead. This is a new and unexpected turn of events in Ian’s life as a new emerging talented songwriter. Ian’s management team at VJ Media are swiftly moving ahead on this project. Once Ian had decided to explore working in the music industry, in a little over a month VJ Media secured a release and publishing deal with Plankton Records for his first single “Mama” with a lilting African vibe sung with the deep rich tones of Lu Petres. “Mama” has a fabulous musical twist with a Rap section featuring Matt Kitchen aka Consept. Once you hear “Mama” you will be hooked with its memorable chorus.

Ian’s first album will consist of varying styles, genres and great new emerging artists. Watch the video “Mama”

MOBO Nomination for S.O.

s-oS.O. has been nominated for a MOBO Award, and now Lamp Mode’s first international artist needs his fans to vote.

Founded in 1996, the MOBO (Music Of Black Origin) Awards can be described as the UK version of the BET Awards.  S.O. is one of five artists nominated in the best gospel act category.

The selection comes off the success of  S.O.’s most recent full-length project So It Ends. That album reached No. 24 on Billboard Christian Album charts, No. 7 on Billboard Heatseakers charts and No. 3. on UK Official Christian charts. S.O. said. “It feels good to get recognized for the work you’ve put in over the years.”

Fans from all over the world – from Ghana to Australia – have voted for S.O., and the Lamp Mode artist has done something unique to express his gratitude.

“I spent a whole day just calling fans,” he said, “just saying, ‘Thank you for voting for me.’ It’s been a great thing to see how far the music has gone.”

The MOBO Awards are scheduled for Nov. 4. Voting is open through Oct. 24.

“It’s just over a week left in the voting process,” S.O. said. “It literally takes two minutes to vote for me. We can show people that the type of music we do can be recognized.”

S.O. fans can vote at, and keep up with the awards by following @MoboAwards on Twitter or the #MoboAwards hashtag on various social media outlets.