Review Xtra – Ben Lasky : Glorify @BenjaminLasky

ben-lasky-glorifyBEN LASKY : Glorify. (

Ben Lasky is a worship leader & songwriter from Colchester, UK, whose song writing, draws deeply from his own journey with the Lord. This 8 track debut album was recorded live, so it’s a warts and all production. Some of the “warts” are provided by Ben’s vocals which, at times, really strain to keep in tune. He has a vibrato modulation to his voice and struggles when he tries to hold a note. On the opening “Kingdom Come”, Ben takes some words from the Lord’s Prayer and fits them into an indie rock sound, which I found quite stirring. “Justice Reign” chugs along nicely, but the 9 minute song of worship called “Hallelujah” really struggles. Vocally, Ben is not at his best, and it’s really highlighted by the repetitive sung title, which takes over most of the song. Indeed, on both “Glorify” and “The Cross” the monotonous repetition of “We Glorify” and “Thank you for the cross” deter from what could have been two fine songs. Just when I was about to lose hope with this album, Ben comes up with a storming number called “You Alone.” Much in the mould of Tim Hughes or Paul Baloche, the song has everything that contemporary P&W should have. His voice is note perfect, and the live band really comes together for a song that is head and shoulders above anything else on the album. Closing the recording, Ben provides acoustic guitar backing to the simple song “I Know.” In my opinion, Ben lacks some experience in song structure. But, that will only come with time and despite some of my reservations, he shows that he’s a budding artist with plenty of ideas and a real heart for God. 5/10.


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