Welcome Speak Brother into Your Home

speak-brother epSPEAK BROTHER are currently playing a number of house gigs as they further their ministry. They say; “The vision for our house gigs are to facilitate an evening where you can invite your friends, family, neighbours and work colleagues to your living room or garden, where we share our heart and have fun through our music. Our hope is that an evening like this could be a great opportunity to help build relationships with the people in your world.

Costs: In terms of costs, we could do a blanket cost of around £150.00 for the evening plus potential fuel costs. This is obviously negotiable and will try and work to your budget, but this is already way less than our standard charge to venues as we want to make things as affordable as we can. An alternative is to play the gig for free, but ask attendees coming for an suggested donation to the band of at least £5.00

The night: The night would typically feature 2 sets of 30 minutes from us with a break in between for mingling and nibbles / drinks. But if you had any questions or ideas, please let us know! We could also help with some decorations like bunting and fairy lights for some atmosphere :)”

Interested In bookIng a date or just finding out more? Contact: noplacelikehome@speakbrother.co.uk

Telephone 0114 327 94 64


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