The Review Zone – Casting Crowns : A Live Worship Experience @castingcrowns

CastingCrowns_LiveWorshipCASTING CROWNS : A Live Worship Experience. (Beach Street : 02341020725)

This album was recorded live during summer 2015 at Eagle’s Landing First Baptist Church, which is Casting Crowns’ home church and where frontman, Mark Hall, has remained a full-time youth pastor for more than 20 years. Although I knew very few of these songs, by the end of the album, they meant so much. The live recording really captures the essence of being there, and the music is excellent. The striking “At Calvary” starts things off, and the worshippers love it. “Good Good Father” comes next, closely followed by “Great Are You Lord”, more of a ballad in style. Mark Hall’s vocals are so engaging, and it was “You Are the Only One” that really began to lift my own praise to God. “Here’s My Heart” is a beautiful track, were Mark duets with Melodee DeVeevo. She, then, takes over lead vocals for the driving song that is “No Not One.” I’ve got to admit to been taken aback by the power of some of the songs. “Here’s My Heart” and “Just Be Held” both stood out as tremendous songs of worship. Lyrically, you need to read the inlay for full details but “Let Our hearts be led by mercy, and reach with open hearts,” are just a few of the great words from “Jesus, Friend of Sinners”. I’ve got to say that this recording just blew me away. It’s got to go down as one of the best live worship albums to date. 10/10.


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