Review Xtra : Abi Jopson : I Owe You @abijopsonmusic


Abi started learning to play guitar during her teenage years and I love writing music. She says that; “Song writing is a lot more than an emotional outlet for me; it is a way to be real and honest with people about situations in my life and hopefully to give a good testimony as a Christian.” The theme of this album is about how we owe God, our creator, everything, and the songs have been written through different experiences. The opening song, “Tainted Picture” begins with a tinkling piano, that leads into a chugging guitar rhythm. Abi’s vocals are sweet and the song really blossoms as it progresses. The title track of the album has an east coast American feel to it, courtesy of some jangly guitars. On “God Shaped Hole” Abi’s vocals get a little lost in the overall production, but the song itself reminded me of early Blondie material. If I had to compare Abi’s sound to anyone, I guess that Francesca Battistelli would come to mind. The layered vocals on “What Kind of Man” work well, while the Latin tinged “I Need You” shows off Abi’s vocal versatility. I really liked “Always in My Heart.” I found it a very moving song, about losing a close friend or relative, feeling the pain of loss, but knowing the joy that we’ll meet again in Heaven. No matter how small your good deed, we can all make a difference in our lives. That’s the whole story behind “Make A Difference”, and it’s very poppy sound. Abi also shows that she can rock it up a little on “The One I Can Depend On.” Here, the song motors along nicely, and hits just the right notes. Song writing wise, Abi succeeds in getting simple messages across in her songs, but that’s not to say that she doesn’t make you think! I listened several times to the bright and sunny sound of “If You Were A Potter”, and found something new in it each time. Finally, for an old guy like me, I loved the twang of the retro guitar on “Creation’s Dance.” For a debut album, Abi is a lively and welcoming light to the UK’s Christian music family. 8/10.


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