Review Xtra – Margaret Tandoh : The Jesus Project @nanatandoh

MARGARET TANDOH The Jesus ProjectMARGARET TANDOH : The Jesus Project. (

Zambian born Margaret took a break from recording from 2005, as she got married and then had two beautiful girls in quick succession. Last year, she released the EP “I Turn To You,” and now she’s back with “The Jesus Project.” I must admit that I don’t get many UK gospel acts to review, so this was a welcome addition. First of all, let me say that Margaret has a terrific vocal range. On the ballad “Jesus I Turn to You” she really belts out the words, whilst at other times, she can be soft and gentle with her voice. From the off, you can tell that you’re listening to a very well-produced album. The sound is first class and the gospel choir backing is nothing short of wonderful. With “Free” Margaret’s vocals soar, while she gives glory and praise to Jesus on “He Reigns.” There’s a call for God to send His spirit on “Holy Ghost”, with the plea to “Move among us, revive us.” “Lift Up His Name” finds Margaret with a more uptempo tune, that has quite a modern dance feel to it, while “No Other Name” is quite a catchy number. If I have to be picky, “Victory” didn’t quite match up to the other tracks, in my opinion. Perhaps the sound was a little too much like one of the previous songs, I don’t know. What I do know is that Margaret’s new release will be a blessing for those who love gospel music that communicates Jesus’ love for us all. 8/10.


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