Exciting Concert Outreach for UK Churches

Sunday Night Live


We are excited to partner with Andy Baker, Resound Media and crowd funding platform Rocket Fuel to help churches around the UK run over 300 annual Sunday Night Live events in Costa’s and other cafe venues.

We are looking for new churches who wish to take advantage of this great partnership and resource to reach the next generation, and artists who wish to showcase their talent and take part in the events…

And now is the time to reach that generation! And what better way than through live entertainment with a twist of faith!

Join SNL and be equipped to host events at your local cafe using SNL for Sunday’s and Live Lounge for week nights. Using live entertainment and amazing stories of lives transformed this is a priceless opportunity for your church to go and to grow.

SNL will give you venue contact details, provide professional digital branding, web and social media presence and full support and training for the lifetime of your event.

Resound media will offer you exciting talented artists to make your event unmissable, whilst Rocket Fuel will help you raise the costs of running your events using their crowdfunding platform.

So with over 7 years experience dealing with Costa and over 500,000 attendees, at SNL we know how to make your event a success.

So give it a go and reach the next generation. Prices start from £400 for lifetime membership!

Interested? Click the web link.


Sunday Night Live


Review Xtra – Delirious? : The Ultimate Collection @Delirious

DELIRIOUS The Ultimate CollectionDELIRIOUS? : The Ultimate Collection. (Integrity Music : B01H2UZOVA)

This CD is a kind of celebration of the musical career of delirious. There are a lot of their classic tracks here, ranging from early songs, like “History maker”, and “Deeper” to the later tracks like “Rain Down” and “Majesty”. There doesn’t appear to be any remixes, or alternate recordings on here as far as I can tell, so if you already have all the CD releases, then there’s nothing on here that you won’t already have. Nevertheless, this is a fairly good selection of tracks, and it saves trawling through loads of albums to find your favourite songs. If you don’t own any of their CD’s then this is probably a good buy, as it gives a good selection of what Delirious have produced over the years. Other than that, there’s not much more to be said. It’s a greatest hits compilation, nothing more, nothing less. 7/10 Andy Sayner.

Review Xtra : Abi Jopson : I Owe You @abijopsonmusic

ABI JOPSON  I Owe YouABI JOPSON : I Owe You. (www.abijopson.co.uk)

Abi started learning to play guitar during her teenage years and I love writing music. She says that; “Song writing is a lot more than an emotional outlet for me; it is a way to be real and honest with people about situations in my life and hopefully to give a good testimony as a Christian.” The theme of this album is about how we owe God, our creator, everything, and the songs have been written through different experiences. The opening song, “Tainted Picture” begins with a tinkling piano, that leads into a chugging guitar rhythm. Abi’s vocals are sweet and the song really blossoms as it progresses. The title track of the album has an east coast American feel to it, courtesy of some jangly guitars. On “God Shaped Hole” Abi’s vocals get a little lost in the overall production, but the song itself reminded me of early Blondie material. If I had to compare Abi’s sound to anyone, I guess that Francesca Battistelli would come to mind. The layered vocals on “What Kind of Man” work well, while the Latin tinged “I Need You” shows off Abi’s vocal versatility. I really liked “Always in My Heart.” I found it a very moving song, about losing a close friend or relative, feeling the pain of loss, but knowing the joy that we’ll meet again in Heaven. No matter how small your good deed, we can all make a difference in our lives. That’s the whole story behind “Make A Difference”, and it’s very poppy sound. Abi also shows that she can rock it up a little on “The One I Can Depend On.” Here, the song motors along nicely, and hits just the right notes. Song writing wise, Abi succeeds in getting simple messages across in her songs, but that’s not to say that she doesn’t make you think! I listened several times to the bright and sunny sound of “If You Were A Potter”, and found something new in it each time. Finally, for an old guy like me, I loved the twang of the retro guitar on “Creation’s Dance.” For a debut album, Abi is a lively and welcoming light to the UK’s Christian music family. 8/10.

Review Xtra – New Wine Worship : Live Worship from New Wine : 20 Year Collection @NewWineWorship

NEW WINE WORSHIP Live Worship from New Wine 20 Year CollectionNEW WINE WORSHIP : Live Worship from New Wine: 20 Year Collection. (Integrity : B01I0ZF754)
New Wine Worship have been responsible for many live worship releases over the past 20 years, and this 15 track release seeks to celebrate this by featuring ‘some of the best known worship songs out there and … an array of gifted worship leaders’. With old favourites such as Tim Hughes with ‘Light of the world’ and Matt Redman’s ‘The heart of worship’, other featured singers are Eoghan Heaslip, Susie Woodbridge, Martin Smith, Sam Bailey, Martin Layzell, David Ruis, Nick Herbert, and Ed Pask. Most CCM fans will know the majority if not all of these songs, although I did discover one or two that were new to me. For those familiar with the New Wine approach it will come as no surprise that most songs benefit from being given time to develop, with most lasting between 5 and 7 minutes. Standouts for me are Martin Smith’s rock-pop ‘God’s great dance floor’, and two particularly strong songs well delivered and with excellent arrangements – Sam Bailey with ‘Wildfire’ and Susie Woodbridge with ‘Oceans’. Too many CCM worship releases these days can be ‘formulaic’ and unoriginal. Whilst there are one or two tracks here that do suffer from this, I enjoyed this distillation of the past 20 years more than I expected (!) – and with better sound quality than is often the case. 9/10. Dave Deeks

Review Xtra – Margaret Tandoh : The Jesus Project @nanatandoh

MARGARET TANDOH The Jesus ProjectMARGARET TANDOH : The Jesus Project. (www.facebook.com/margarettandohmusic)

Zambian born Margaret took a break from recording from 2005, as she got married and then had two beautiful girls in quick succession. Last year, she released the EP “I Turn To You,” and now she’s back with “The Jesus Project.” I must admit that I don’t get many UK gospel acts to review, so this was a welcome addition. First of all, let me say that Margaret has a terrific vocal range. On the ballad “Jesus I Turn to You” she really belts out the words, whilst at other times, she can be soft and gentle with her voice. From the off, you can tell that you’re listening to a very well-produced album. The sound is first class and the gospel choir backing is nothing short of wonderful. With “Free” Margaret’s vocals soar, while she gives glory and praise to Jesus on “He Reigns.” There’s a call for God to send His spirit on “Holy Ghost”, with the plea to “Move among us, revive us.” “Lift Up His Name” finds Margaret with a more uptempo tune, that has quite a modern dance feel to it, while “No Other Name” is quite a catchy number. If I have to be picky, “Victory” didn’t quite match up to the other tracks, in my opinion. Perhaps the sound was a little too much like one of the previous songs, I don’t know. What I do know is that Margaret’s new release will be a blessing for those who love gospel music that communicates Jesus’ love for us all. 8/10.

Switchfoot Celebrate #1 Album

Switchfoot Where the LightSWITCHFOOT’s 10th studio album Where The Light Shines Through debuted at #1 on the Christian Albums chart, #3 on the Rock, Alternative and Overall Digital Albums charts and #10 on the Billboard Top 200, with more than 29,000 albums sold in the first week. Where The Light Shines Through marks an important milestone in SWITCHFOOT’s hugely successful career. The band’s journey began in 1997 with the first of three indie releases before signing with a major label in 2003. Since then, the San Diego, CA based outfit have sold 5.7 million copies worldwide of their nine studio albums (including 2003’s The Beautiful Letdown and 2009’s GRAMMY Award-winning, Hello Hurricane). Where The Light Shines Through marks the band’s return to the indie world and showcases that, two decades from their start, they’re able to have a career filled with longevity, revitalization and rejuvenation.

Highlands Worship Release Here I Surrender

Highlands WorshipWith a passion to encourage congregational worship, create resources for churches, and draw listeners closer to God, HIGHLANDS WORSHIP released their debut studio album Here I Surrender on July 29. Highlands Worship features the talents of gifted songwriters and vocalists from the Birmingham, Alabama-based Church of the Highlands. Together, this diverse group of individuals strives to bring the local church community together through praising God.

The album includes 13 tracks, all original to Church of the Highlands. Highlands Worship has an incredible team, consisting of 560 active worship team members as well as 30 full or part-time musicians worship staff. On Here I Surrender, the project features three main vocalists John Larson, Nicole McLean and CJ Blount, and musicians made up from their various worship teams.