New Signing for Daywind Records

Second Half QuartetDaywind Records is excited to announce the addition of THE SECOND-HALF QUARTET to its roster of talented artists. This all-star group, comprised of Gerald Wolfe, Mark Trammell, Chris Allman, Rodney Griffin and Pat Barker, has become a beloved collaboration in high demand by audiences across the country. Originating from their impromptu quartet singing in the second half of Greater Vision and Mark Trammell Quartet concerts, the group is familiar to the fans who know and love them individually, however, together bring a fresh, new take on timeless harmonies.


Angie Lendon’s Wonderful World Tour.

Angie LendonANGIE LENDON is looking to take her evangelistic show What a Wonderful World on the road in the UK during 2016/17

The evening consists of media, songs and stories from Angie’s time in the music industry in Los Angeles and the UK. Angie says “Never has there been a need for the hope of Jesus to be shared in our nation than right now.  In the midst of all the turmoil and fear for the future we have a great opportunity to share the good news of hope and security that a relationship with Jesus Christ gives us”  The team will provide a whole package from marketing down to stage set and lights.  If you would like to host Angie or for further information please contact her on or call 07411 326117

Review Xtra – !Audacious Kids : Lift Off @audaciouschurch

AUDACIOUS KIDS Lift Off!AUDACIOUS KIDS : Lift Off.   (Audacious : B01G6QGGYA)

!Audacious Church are no new kids on the block when it comes to worship albums, having quite a number or releases to their name, but kid’s praise is a relatively new avenue for them. Following on from the success of their first !Audacious Kids release “Way of the Brave”, the Manchester, UK based church released the next instalment “Lift Off” just a few weeks ago, on Father’s Day. I didn’t catch the first release but anticipated that this album would have a very contemporary feel; that is a heavy slant towards synths and sequencing. I wasn’t disappointed. And, as with most children’s worship releases, it’s uptempo and upbeat. “Boom Chick (Books of the Bible)” is, not surprisingly, a song about the books of the bible. I know the idea has been done many times before but not, I suspect, as a rap like this version is. And it works, with a great hook too. “Praise Party” and “Family” have a more soul/R’n’B texture to them but sit well with the overall feel. “Whisper to my Heart” is a departure, an intimate song which is well crafted enough, but feels a little out of place. “Sunday School Mashup II” is an interesting idea – taking several Sunday School classics and fusing them together in a modern-day style. I’m not sure it works entirely, but it sounds like great fun nonetheless. Overall though, I think Lift Off is a great snapshot of the !Audacious Kids ministry and a very good album, though it loses a point for me or including the kids voices in the mix (just a personal preference, sorry!). But that is really my only complaint on what is a vibrant and lively expression of worship.   8/10   Robin Thompson.

Review Xtra – Life Worship : Wide Open Space @LIFEWorshipUK

lifeworship_wideopenspaceLIFE WORSHIP : Wide Open Space.   (Integrity Music)

This is a dance worship album admittedly, and I would expect the drums and bass to be fairly up front in the mix, but on a lot of the songs on this album they drown out the words far too much. And there is in the background on a lot of the songs some kind of choir effect, which detracts from the lead vocals somewhat. It might be fine on the odd track, but when it appears as often as it does here it gets a bit boring. The actual lyrics themselves are fine, very heartfelt and well written worship songs, I just don’t like the arrangements. The slower tracks are better in my opinion, as the endless rhythm is absent, in fact the track “With Me Always” is by far the most musical track on the album. It’s not the kind of album that you can put on in the background and forget about, most of the songs are too much in your face for that, maybe you could listen in the car while driving or something. I admit to not liking dance music much to start with, and to be fair I don’t want to slam this album just because I don’t personally like it. I’m pretty sure that there are plenty of people younger than I am who will think it’s really good, and it must be said that there is an energy about the music that does give it some appeal. So if you like your dance music give it a go, if like me you prefer rock and roll, you might want to think twice.

6/10   Andy Sayner.

Review Xtra – Cory Dauber : Turn into a Mountain @DeeperWell1

CORY DAUBER Turn Into a MountainCORY DAUBER : Turn Into a Mountain.   (Deeper Well Records)

If you’re into ‘swampy Americana’ in the mould of Ryan Adams (when he’s in that mood), or enjoy the angst of Ray Lamontagne, the music of Cory Dauber could well be for you. Although he’s evidently been around for some time he has relatively recently signed to the Deeper Well Records family, and this is his first full length solo album. According to the publicity material it was ‘recorded in the beautiful, secluded surroundings of Supernatural Sound Studios in Oregon City’ and ‘channels the classic sounds of Americana’, with ‘elements of Ryan Adams, Magnolia Electric Company, Damien Jurado, and others’. Although I sometimes found it difficult to hear the words, it became evident that lyrically Cory majors on using verbatim scriptural quotations. Accompanied by a small ‘loose but tight’ band (if you know what I mean!) and thankfully with nothing audible in terms of sound ‘processing’, his guitar style alternates between simple strumming and finger picking. Most songs begin with his guitar solo and on early listening sounded somewhat ‘samey’ – emphasised in the first two tracks which use a virtually identical medium-paced time signature and very similar chord sequence. It became evident however that this is one of those albums that benefit from repeat listening, with ‘Branch on the vine’, ‘Broken man’ and particularly ‘Ladder of Jacob’ becoming standouts for me. 7/10 Dave Deeks

Unspoken, Push the Boundaries.

UnspokenUNSPOKEN will release Follow Through, their second full album for Centricity Music, on August 26th. With the release of Follow Through, Unspoken has found a place of new freedom to push the boundaries of their trademark sound, mixing in horns and electronic elements in fresh ways without altering the core of their musical identity. Follow Through evidences a forward leap of artistic evolution from the last record, blending hip hop, soul, pop and folk influences to tell the story of the season of life the band members have found themselves in over the last couple of years.


Review Xtra – Kat Mills : Voice of Truth @katmillsuk

Kat Mills Voice of TruthKAT MILLS : Voice of Truth.   (

Following up her delightful album of 2015, Surry based Kat Mills showcases an array of new songs on this release. With her piano so predominant in most of the songs, it’s hard not to compare her music with that of Adele, and that will give you some idea of the quality of this release. The opening “Be Still” is one such song were you wouldn’t be surprised to hear that it was one of the secular superstar’s recordings. Some songs have been recorded live and “Breathing” is one of them. Here, an acoustic guitar provides most of the backing as Kat sings about laying her burdens down and gazing upon God. There’s a complete change of style with the reggae enthused “Grace of God.” This is a terrific song and gives simple steps of how to live with God through any situation. I had the privilege of hearing “In Your Arms” a few weeks ago and hearing the story behind it brought me to tears. Kat and husband Ali lost an unborn child a few years ago, and this song is Kat’s journey through the blackness of that time to God’s healing of her M.E. It is such a powerful song and Kat’s vocals simply soar at times. There’s an uptempo pop feel to “Without You.”. Again, Kat bares all in a song that tells of becoming fixated on her problems rather than on God, who is far bigger than any problem. To close the album, we return to just Kat and her piano, with a tender love song to her Father in Heaven. It’s a touching piece of music and a fitting end to a glorious release.   9/10.