7 Core Music to Release New Ian Yates Single “Dream Again”

Ian Yates



‘Dream Again’ is the second single from Ian’s highly anticipated fourth album ‘Awaken To Love’

Born out of a difficult season of questioning and feeling like he couldn’t keep going with music anymore. Ian felt God speak so strongly to him to dream again. ‘I have given you a unique gifting and message, start to Dream again.’  Ian began to dream again for his city Liverpool, his songs and that history can be made.

With it’s prophetic voice ‘Dream Again’ encourages, inspires and challenges the listener to dream again. To lift up their heart from disappointment, lift up their head from broken dreams and go after all God has called them too.

Ian says ‘I pray this song is like touch paper and begins to set alight dormant and broken dreams. So many of us lay down our desires and passions through fear, the busyness of life and difficult circumstances. I firmly believe God is telling us to dream again, to see the kingdom of heaven touch earth. You are unique. You are His child. He has called you for greater things’

Available for free download from Noise Trade July 15th


Review Xtra – ICF Worship : Valleys and Wonders Live @ICFMusic

ICF WORSHIP Valleys and Wonders LiveICF WORSHIP : Valleys and Wonders – Live.   (Integrity

Founded in 1996 in Zurich, Switzerland, ICF Zurich ‘is a non-denominational church now with over 2,800 weekend attendees spread across five different locations within the city and its surroundings. It is also one of the biggest church movements in the German speaking area, with 36 churches in Switzerland and throughout Europe’ delivering the Christian message by focusing on ‘exciting music, relevant preachings and the latest technology’. This release kicks off with loud audience applause leading into the upbeat pop/rock first two tracks ‘The journey’ and ‘Brighter’, with strong melodies and hooks, good (male) lead vocals, and business-like drum-driven ‘pop’ arrangements. It is the third track ‘Lighthouse (Holding on)’ that takes my attention however. This slower-paced song with the repeated message ‘I keep holding on to You’ is well written, and beautifully delivered including a heartfelt performance by the female lead vocalist. Overall as it happens, it is a further two of the slower tracks that impress here – two other standouts for me are ‘Wide open spaces’ and ‘Radiance’. These three are contemporary worship songs of a very high standard, with melodies and hooks that stay in your head for a long time afterwards. ‘King (friend of mine)’ and ‘Waves of love’ are both 8 minute marathons that could usefully have been shortened a bit! My main criticism is that sound quality is compressed ‘MP3’ style, with a nasty digital edge to male vocals. 7/10. Dave Deeks

Review Xtra – Planetshakers : Momentum @planetshakers

planetshakers-momentum-epPLANETSHAKERS : Momentum.   (Integrity)

This 5 track ‘ep’ release represents my introduction to the Planetshakers adult and youth movement based in Melbourne, Australia – rock and worship band ‘The Planetshakers’ being a central part of the ministry. A bit of googling (?!) reveals that lead vocals are evidently shared by Joth Hunt and senior pastor Samantha Evans. The first two tracks get us off to a rousing start with high energy live performances from Manila, accompanied by a very appreciative audience. The remaining three tracks are studio productions. Joth kicks off with the mid tempo ‘I know who you are’, delivering a note perfect sterling performance. The next track ‘Face to face’ has Sam and Joth sharing lead vocals in a worshipful prayer featuring the line ‘I’m drawing closer than ever before’. Beautifully sung, this is the standout for me. The final track is ok but compared with the others probably the weakest, delivered in a pseudo ‘house’ style that doesn’t really seem to suit the lyrics. Overall however it is evident that Planetshakers is a powerful ministry, with a very capable ‘melodic pop rock’ worship band at its core. 8/10. Dave Deeks

Review Xtra – The Message Trust : Jesus, the one who saves @MessageTrust

THE MESSAGE TRUST Jesus, the One Who SavesTHE MESSAGE TRUST : Jesus, the One Who Saves.   (Elevation : ELE2168)

The Message Trust is a Christian charity working to improve the lives of young people in Greater Manchester, UK, and beyond. With a history of great musical initiatives such as The World Wide Message Tribe and LZ7, it is no surprise that new songs and sounds are flourishing. Worship leaders and musicians gathered in Manchester in September 2015, together with a packed crowd, and this album is the resulting recording. For most of it, this album had me tearing my hair out, because the songs sound exactly the same as countless releases from, say, Planetshakers, Life Church, and Hillsong. Lyrics are predictable, and on many songs I was preempting the next line of the song correctly. “I Hear the Drums” drives along quite nicely, while the messy production on “Our Light Has Come” totally obliterates the vocals at times. There are three spoken word tracks included. The first, “Intro”, is inaudible for the most – and, yes, my hearing is sound. The last of these spoken tracks sees a soapbox type epistle that, although sincere, most people would cross the road to avoid. Thankfully redemption is one hand towards the end of the album. The title track has excellent structure and really did touch me for full on worship. “How Sweet the Sound” sounds as if it was written like a traditional hymn, before beautiful female vocals lift the whole proceedings with “You Place Your Hand Over Me.” Maybe I hear too many of this type of   worship album, but the main content just doesn’t differ. It’s as if everyone is writing the same half a dozen songs. Come on guys, it’s time for a change. 6/10.

Singer Serves in Refugee Camp

Fiona PoulsonUK singer/songwriter, FIONA POULSON reports that she’s now based in Calais for the next 6 months driving a 26 year old bright red French ambulance (which has been converted into a tea van) around the refugee camp serving teas and coffees. She goes on to say that she’s; “Occasionally back in the UK for worship leading, speaking engagements etc. But otherwise welcoming different teams out here to come and serve with us!”


Review Xtra – The Stephens : I plead the blood

Just-Pray-CDTHE STEPHENS : I Plead the Blood.   (www.thestephensmusic.com)

The Stephens are a dynamic southern gospel trio from Northport, Alabama. Years of combined vocal experience along with unmistakable family harmony affords an exciting yet Spirit filled service. The Stephens’ heart desire is to proclaim God’s word in testimony and song to encourage the believer and to see the lost saved. This single is taken from their latest album “Just Pray,” and I’m not sure that I’d pigeon hole it as southern gospel. To me, it crosses over well as a pop ballad. I believe that it’s Melody who sings lead vocal, and what a great voice she has. Backing is given by Thom and Bethany and the whole sound is very pleasing. The lyrics are simple and centre on the blood of Christ on Calvary washing us all clean. The Stephens’ are a new name to me, but I wouldn’t mind hearing more, if this single is anything to go by! 7/10.

New Release for Bradford’s Life Worship.

Life Worship

Bradford’s LIFE WORSHIP return with their follow-up to the highly successful album Dance Again. Wide Open Space is a celebration of adventure. It is a call to the wild edges of God’s grace where impossible things happen and where we are caught up in the mystery of His will. Songwriter and worship leader Matt Hooper recalls the early days of the project. “Wide Open Space came from a time of healing in my life where God was challenging me to be all He has called me to be, and to let His Spirit bring some 4K dreams into reality. The song is me asking God to take me on the grace adventure, to fulfil the potential that God has given me and have fun doing it!”

A key passage of scripture for the album us Romans 5…

“We throw open our doors to God and discover at the same moment that he has already thrown open his door to us. We find ourselves standing where we always hoped we might stand—out in the wide open spaces of God’s grace and glory, standing tall and shouting our praise.” [Romans 5, 1-2, The Message]