Jonathan Nelson Gets Fearless!

Jonathan Nelson

Fearless is the fifth album from multiple Stellar Award winning singer/songwriter JONATHAN NELSON. After signing with a brand new record company Eone Music, his new recording  debuted at #1 on the Billboard Top Gospel Albums chart.  He says “I told Eone when we started talking that I wanted to expand and I wanted to  infiltrate the Gospel market with a stronger brand and a stronger sound, having a stand out kind of approach, and  Eone helped me to do just that. Everything about this CD is me living out the word fearless, taking the risks, doing what I have never done before and being out the box so to speak.  I believed what God would do and His hand of approval is on it,  so everything about this CD is really me living out what fearless is in me.


Gospel Singer in Traffic Accident

Milton Ostrander

Singer, songwriter, and recording artist, MILTON OSTRANDER, known to most as BIG MO was traveling with his family, as they do every week on I-85 near Newnan, Georgia, when they were hit by a driver that fell asleep on the highway.

The collision caught the family totally unaware as the trailer they were towing behind their coach that contains their extra product and sound equipment was rear-ended, totaling the trailer and damaging much of the equipment inside. The family was not able to fulfill the concert dates they were headed for in South Carolina, but no one was seriously hurt. Even the driver and the passengers in the vehicle that hit them at a high rate of speed walked away without serious injury.

Insurance should cover the replacement of the loss, but the loss of income is still a serious blow to a full-time ministry. “God is good, and for years we have relied on His faithfulness and see no reason to doubt Him now,” stated Big MO. “We are just so thankful that no one was killed or seriously hurt. Outside of a few bruises and rattled nerves, everyone walked away because of the grace of God. For that we give God all of the praise.”

Bread & Wine Release Second Album

Ben & Kelly SmithBethel Atlanta Worship Pastors Ben and Kelly Smith who head up what has been described as the “intimate, spontaneous and authentic” worship band Bread & Wine are excited to announce the release today of their second album entitled TWO. A youtube video of the song “Love Come In” from the live project has also released today. Bread & Wine plans a roll out release of  videos shot live during the recording of the project over the next week or so. To view “Love Come In” go to

Listen to the New Single from Hillary Scott

Hillary Scott

HILLARY SCOTT of Lady Antebellum has just released the first single, “Thy Will,” from her upcoming faith-based album, Love Remains. She says that; “It’s a collection of songs that I have co-written, found and have grown up singing in church. The best part about this collection of songs is that it’s featuring my mom Linda Davis, my father Lang Scott and my little sister Rylee Scott all produced by Ricky Skaggs. Watch the lyric video here

Gospel Praise from the Chicago Mass Choir

Chicago Mass Choir

The CHICAGO MASS CHOIR stands on a proud legacy of music from the authentic Chicago experience and continues a proud heritage with the release of We Give You Praise, its 16th album on New Haven Records.  We Give You Praise sets the praises in motion, taking its cues from the infectious radio single, Thank You, Thank You Jesus. Dr. Feranda Williamson, CMC President shares these sentiments:  “Through the years, Chicago Mass Choir has brought unapologetically traditional gospel music to the Church. If it’s relevant and transforming, people will embrace it. Based on the amazing reaction to “Thank You Thank You Jesus,” We Give You Praise will be a landmark album in an already legendary career.”

Acoustic Album from Martyn Joseph

Martyn Joseph

MARTYN JOSEPH is pleased to announce that his newly recorded Sanctuary Acoustic album is now available to purchase as an MP3 download from the Pipe Records online shop. He writes…Having toured the Sanctuary album through over 60 shows since its release in October, and with many more to come, I feel like I know the songs inside out. They are good friends now. Many of you have been asking to hear an acoustic version of the album so here it is. These are not the original versions of the songs with the album backing mixed out. They are brand new recordings of the tunes, all one take, recorded at home with an intimate guitar and voice set up. Whilst touring the album I also wrote a new song called ‘Nye’ which obviously arrived too late to be included on Sanctuary, though I feel it somehow belongs there. So as a bonus track I have included a live version of that song recorded at the Colton Hall, Bristol in January in this collection.

Hope you enjoy.

M x

The full album, with special bonus track “Nye : Song for the NHS (Live)”, is available now to download for £7 from

Review Xtra – Matt JR Hurley : Pebbles @MattJRHurley

Matt Jr Hurley PebblesMATT JR HURLEY : Pebbles.   (Plankton Records : PLANCD017)

Matt is the son of a church pastor, and only seriously began songwriting last year. Matt writes honest, vulnerable and engaging music about life and about God’s love with soulful, poetic lyrics. This single was written following the sudden and unexpected bereavement he suffered and he hopes that the song will help people connect with God and His love when perhaps God seems a long way away. Musically, “Pebbles” starts quietly with an acoustic guitar leading the way, and Matt’s clear, crisp vocals over the top. Mid-way, orchestral pads join in, helping to fill the sound. In style, I couldn’t help comparing it to something that Snow Patrol might have released. Indeed, the opening vocal phrases sound uncannily like those of “Chasing Cars.” Matt plans to release an EP in June and this taster is a welcome sample of things to come.   7/10.