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AUTHENTIC MEDIA RELEASES…..Hot on the heels of his vibrant main stage performance at the Big Church Day Out, ISRAEL HOUGHTON returns with a live worship experience captured on an expansive tour of Asia. Covered: Alive In Asia is the latest instalment in Israel & NewBreed’s critically acclaimed ‘Alive in . . .’ series. The album was recorded during Houghton’s recent tour in Asia before packed crowds in Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia, Jakarta, Japan, Malaysia and South Korea this past October…..Men of Gospel: Our Father is a compilation of hits performed by the premier male vocalists that have shaped the Gospel music genre. Featuring a mix of contemporary and traditional selections, this 11-track offering showcases worship songs that have become standards within the gospel community and recognisable hits worldwide. Included are such favourites as Grammy Award Winning ‘Help me Believe’ from Kirk Franklin, praise and worship standards ‘I Do Worship (Live)’ from John P. Kee and the New Life Community Choir, ‘You Reign’ from William Murphy and genre-defining ‘Total Praise’ from Richard Smallwood with Vision.


Introducing Chris Mercer-Turner

Chris Mercer

International singer/songwriter, speaker and writer Chris holds a BA Hons in Applied Theology from Elim Regents Theological College and has 33 years as a practitioner within evangelism and outreach.

Chris’s ministry and music reaches the UK, USA, Canada, Europe, Romania, Pakistan, Kenya, New Zealand and Australia covering the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. Her voice has been described as ‘outstanding’*and unique but her consuming heart mission is to spread the Gospel and reach a needy world with the love of God and compassion of Christ through her global ministry and music.

She is a sought after speaker and writes avidly for the body of Christ and frequently speaks in church and ladies meetings and She has conducted evangelistic missions throughout Romania, France,, Cyprus, Austria and UK. Fearless and Fabulous Ladies Talks …not for boys, are part of Chris’s ladies outreach and it has been on radio, published in magazines and evangelistic events have been held though out the UK and Cyprus and it serves as an encouragement to women to be on fire for God covering the Word , Spirit and Prayer. Chris is known for “rocking the world for Jesus” and serves the greater body of Christ relentlessly and happily.

Through her charity, The Whispers Foundation, she supports the homeless/needy in the UK, Romania, Pakistan and Kenya these will all receive support from album sales/concerts.

Chris is honoured to be Patron to Military And Retired Cyprus Holidays for Heroes, M.A.R.C.H



Florida Calls for Jean Watson.

Jean Watson

Internationally acclaimed Shadowlands Music recording artist Jean Watson has been tapped by Christian Retailing magazine to perform during the Christian Retailing’s Best Awards show, set to take place during the upcoming International Christian Retail Show (ICRS 2015) held in Orlando, Florida. Introduced in 2001, the Christian Retailing’s Best Awards have been acknowledged as an important way of recognizing some of the most significant new life-changing products in the Christian retail industry.
The classically trained singer/songwriter and violinist will perform during the awards presentation, scheduled for Tuesday, June 30, from 10-11 a.m. on the show floor’s Creative Pavilion. Winners of the 2015 Christian Retailing’s Best awards will be announced following Watson’s musical performance.

Watson is currently prepping the upcoming release of her seventh full-length album, Steady My Gaze, which is slated to impact retail this fall from Shadowlands Music. The new project features an abundance of Celtic-infused violin and Watson’s signature haunting vocals, along with the special treat of stellar fret-work from master guitarist, Phil Keaggy, and guest vocals from Tree63’s John Ellis.


“The making of Steady My Gaze was a process that really built my faith. Having Phil Keaggy play guitar and John Ellis of Tree63 sing on one of the songs was such an honor, and Billy Smiley did an amazing job as producer!” says Watson. “Throughout the process, I was constantly reminded that God is able to do so much more than we can ask or imagine.”


For more information about Watson and Steady My Gaze, visit

Out of the Ashes for Kat Mills

Kat Mills

The Worship leader at Worcester Park Baptist Church in Surrey, KAT MILLS is set to launch her debut eight-song mini-album, ‘Out Of The Ashes’. Kat plays piano and cello and has a background in musical theatre and jazz. Her heart is encouraging people in worship – and pointing them towards Jesus no matter what. She loves encouraging new talent, especially budding songwriters.

Southern Gospel Release for Karen Peck

Karen Peck & New River

Southern gospel stalwarts KAREN PECK & NEW RIVER have released a new album on Daywind Records. Speaking about the ‘Pray Now’ album Karen said, “We have put a lot of time and prayer in choosing the right songs for the new CD. We are very excited about each song and we hope they will bring comfort and encouragement to everyone.”

Overflowing Willow.

Willow Sprague

WILLOW SPRAGUE, daughter of beloved multi-Dove Award winning recording artist and worship leader Billy Sprague, is set to release her very first radio single, “Overflow.” Willow illuminates this tender, vertically-directed prayer for anointing with her fresh and inviting alto voice, making it keenly personal, yet open and inviting. With its lilting cadence and wistful lyrics, “Overflow” is equal parts intimate prayer and corporate worship.

Review Xtra – Think Tank : Faith

Think Tank FaithTHINK TANK : Faith.   (

This EP is part one of 3 (the others will be called ‘Hope’ and ‘Love’). It may be horribly unfair, but I can’t help but feel that I spent a lot of time listening to CDs like this in the 70s. It’s much better recorded and produced (and pedants may like to point out that there were no CDs in the 70s), but the vocal style over the acoustic guitar backing (plus notable contributions on percussion and strings) is all so Medicine Head, with a nod to Badly Drawn Boy via a few CSN&Y album fillers. The backing’s OK (the guitar work on “Why” especially), but I wasn’t overly impressed with the vocals – they had a slightly flat delivery and some of the lyrics seemed rather rushed to get them all in at times. It’s probably great in a tent at 3am during festival season, but not one I’m overly keen to put back in my playlist. Best track: “Fear”.   4/10

Paul Ganney