Looking For Help arranging a Church Concert?

Noel Donaldson

Noel Donaldson is a member of Huddersfield Elim Church, UK. For some time now he has organised concerts and tours for musicians and speakers sharing the good news of Jesus.

Now, he’s started a new email address for his tours and concert ministry. lifethroughmusic@virginmedia.com

Noel says; “I am looking at a Christmas tour for Paul Poulton and his band. Paul and the band play all your favourite Carols in Pauls individual style, R&B, funk, rock … The Christmas tour starts at the beginning of December and usually fills quite quickly. There is no fixed fee for the band so please contact me for more detail.

For an idea of Pauls style see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n86Za6XRFmI&feature=player_embedded

Paul is available either solo or with the band plus a new venture as a duo with a violinist Helen Jackson. Paul recently showed his versatility as a musician by giving a classical guitar concert too.

Paul’s wife Lorraine also has a unique ministry. A former model and now a make-up specialist http://www.mybestcolours.webeden.co.uk/ Lorraine gives her testimony as she makes over members of the audiences at ladies groups. Her testimony of being a model in LA and falling into drugs before she met Jesus and then eventually Paul is a powerful message.

Paul and Lorraine are also available for weekend ministries, Friday/Saturday/Sunday concert or Ladies meeting then Saturday the reverse. For further detail email or ring me.

Other musicians I have worked with include John Froud, Jean Watson, Living Hope, Noel Richards, Liz Clarke, Viv Neville. I hope to feature different artists as messages are sent out. I also can advise on hosting events so please contact me on 07950 609 419 or 01484 322634.


Noel Donaldson


The Review Zone – CREATIONS PRAISE : Classical.

Creations Praise ClassicalCREATIONS PRAISE : Classical.   (Elevation : 2021D)

Just before Christmas, I reviewed another album in this series, Creations Praise – Hymns. I’m afraid that I wasn’t too complimentary about it, as I thought that the music recordings were rather bland, and that the nature sounds rather “got in the way.” With this album, I’m pleased to report that I love it! True, if you had played me a track and asked me to name it, I couldn’t have done it. But, there are so many pieces on this release that you soon recognise. Yes, there are more sounds of the ocean, mountains, playful dophins, and even some annoying sheep, but overall, as the sleeve notes read; “Experience the calming sounds of creation woven with the world’s most tranquil music.” A long time favourite of mine is Pachelbel’s ‘Canon in D’. It’s been sampled many times for pop hits, but in its natural form, it’s simply beautiful. Music throughout is provided by either Simeon Wood and John Gerighty, or Klaus and Sarah Heidleman. Both pairings perform admirably on traditional arrangements of music such as Bach’s ‘Prelude in C’, Vivaldi’s ‘Winter’, and Beethoven’s ‘Moonlight Sonata’. I found the album to be really relaxing and enjoyable. This could well be subtitled “Classical Greatest Hits”. The selection is first class, and this is one that I will be playing again and again.   9/10.

The Review Zone – THE BRILLIANCE : Brother @brilliancemusic

The Brilliance brotherTHE BRILLIANCE : Brother.   (Integrity : 64232)

The Brilliance are a US-based liturgical band led by David Gungor and John Arndt, who previously released four albums. The duo are backed by a variety of musicians including cellists, violinists and rhythm players, and it all makes for a type of worship music that I can’t remember hearing before. The title track reminds us to look at everyone as our brother in Christ, even our enemies. A theme of forgiveness also runs through the lyrics. ‘Now at the Hour’ is a lovely acoustic number, with vocals that seem, almost, apologetic in their delivery. For ‘Does Your Heart Break?’, piano leads the way, but with some interesting orchestral fills too. Towards the end of the song, percussion crashes in, as does some rather random distorted guitar sounds. I found this rather bizarre! God’s love is constant, in all our trials, and that’s the message of ‘Love Remains’. It’s very difficult to define the band’s style. Is it folk? Is it classical? Is it, indeed, just a mixture of many, musical styles? I enjoyed the oboe’s that’ lead on ‘Breathe’ – always an underestimated instrument of beauty, I think. There’s a feeling of simplicity about the music and its production, and I think that it will take listeners a few plays to appreciate. On the plus side, if you thought that you’d heard every type of worship music, The Brilliance will make you think again.   7/10.

The Review Zone – BRIGHT CITY : Bright City @brightcityuk

Bright CityBRIGHT CITY : Bright City.   (www.brightcityuk.com)

The self-titled debut album from British creative collective ’Bright City’ presents 13 tracks of faith and hope. Based at St Peter’s Brighton, UK, the Bright City project brings together song-writers, musicians and producers who all have a vision to make music that is authentic, creative and passionate. Written by Johnny Bird, Sarah Bird, Paul Nelson and Martin Smith, the title track is a song of triumph and an excellent way to start the album. ‘Force Field’ has electronic beats and is sung in Kesha style, while the guitar driven ‘Forever Yours’ has a sound that wouldn’t be out of place on any secular radio playlist. There’s such a variety of styles on the album that, on first listen, I had no idea what to expect next. The dance beats of ‘Colour’ is bound to be a favourite, while the slower ‘I Will Rest’, benefits from clear, crisp vocals, and some simple, but effective guitar phrases. The running order of the album sounds like a live concert set list, and the anthemic chorus of ‘We Believe’ would see any audience lift the roof in worship. Likewise, ‘All I Need is You’ brings pure exhilaration and pleasure, as you worship the Lord of all things. Ending the album, are two quieter, reflective numbers. ‘Never Let Me Forget’ and ‘Broken’ sit well in, what is a super release.   9/10.

The Review Zone – ELIM SOUND : Elim 100 @elim_sound

Elim Sound Elim 100ELIM SOUND : Elim 100. (www.elimsound.co.uk)

To celebrate the 100 years of Elim ministry that began in Ireland in 1915, Elim Sound have recorded this new album featuring a variety of Elim worship leaders / artists. Here we have contemporary versions of primarily traditional hymns. Unlike many such attempts to bring familiar tunes up to date, the arrangements are largely sympathetically done and in the main very successful. ‘Have thine own way’ features a lovely vocal by Fiona Crow set against an attractive repeating piano riff and uses a technique common to several tracks i.e. the introduction of heavy drums part-way through to build to an effective climax. ‘Breathe on me breath of God’ is similarly strong, with Suzanne Hanna on lead vocals. The standout track on the album for me is probably ‘I stand amazed’, featuring Tim Sanders – a really excellent arrangement, well delivered and produced with the repeating chorus ‘how marvellous, how wonderful’ running round my head for ages after I heard it. The main downside here however is that a significant number of the tracks suffer from poor sound – the opener ‘I will give thanks’ is typical in dissolving into awful distortion and compression as soon as the track gets ‘busy’. I really despair of this sort of thing as I feel that much of the effort put in by writers, arrangers and performers is squandered at the ‘finish line’. I found this release difficult to listen to at times for this reason, so frustratedly cannot award more than an overall 6/10. Dave Deeks

Scotland’s Free Gift.

Free Gift

The band FREE GIFT are a Christian worship rock outreach band. Free Gift are all born again Christian musicians, who have come together to perform an outreach ministry. The band plays a very high standard of worship music, & as well as their own music, they give testimony to the saving power of Jesus Christ.

Free Gift have been playing at Falkirk band stand most Sundays since May last year, and throughout the winter in all weathers, between 2pm till 4pm. Free Gift   do not charge for their services. If you want to book them, please follow the link below to their face book page or web page




The Review Zone – WORSHIP MOB : Carry the Fire @worshipmob

worshipmob_carrythefireWORSHIP MOB : Carry the Fire.   (Integrity : 63232)

WorshipMob is a non-profit ministry that aims to provide free Spirit-filled worship music to the world. Worship leaders Sean Mulholland and Garrett Chynoweth established the group four years ago in Colorado Springs. Led by two local worship teams, WorshipMob started their weekly meetings to worship and pray together and encourage one another. The media hype behind this release has been tremendous, on both sides of the Atlantic, so I was really looking forward to some tremendous music. My hopes were, somewhat, dashed by the opening ‘Satisfy’. At just under 10 minutes in length, it describes God calling to His child. “I Love you with every imperfection”. Sadly, I found this duet and ethereal backing, all rather tedious. ‘Our Father Has Won’ is contemporary worship, rather like a Planetshakers clone. I liked the vocals on ‘Arrested by Grace’. The song tells of God’s forgiveness and mercy, and it’s one of the better tracks on the album. Others are quite repetitive, like ‘We Are Yours’, or messy in production, such as ‘Downpour’. The latter suffers, as the song builds in sound, and loses its clarity. There are some very energetic rhythms with ‘Light Up the World’, while the epic ‘Oceans/Nothing But the Blood’ wins, hands down, as the best song on show. It begins with minimal piano backing, and some lovely female vocals. The tempo, then, increases and creates a cacophony of sound that is most pleasing to the ear. It’s not that I didn’t like the album but, after so much great publicity, I felt a little let down. I wanted to be excited by this release and it just never happened. Mind you, after more than 9 million video views on You Tube, I’m obviously in the minority.   7/10.