New Book from Singer/Songwriter Paul Poulton

Paul Poulton

Paul Poulton

‘Genesis For Ordinary People’ doesn’t shy away from the questions that go through people’s minds as they read the first book in the Bible.

Paul Poulton writes in a friendly style about the treasures within Genesis, a book that proves to be an exciting adventure from beginning to end. He gazes into the garden of Eden to witness the reality of what actually happened there, and takes a good look at the wonderful and often flawed people and beings. He follows the intriguing thread that runs from chapter to chapter right through the entire book, a thread which is easy to miss, but which is clear once revealed.

The book follows the storyline of Genesis but often looks back, adding a fresh perspective to Adam and Eve’s enthralling lives. A fascinating picture emerges as the layers of Genesis accumulate.

Genesis for Ordinary People is written for…

People who want to delve a little deeper and peer into the inspiring early days of humankind.

People who may think Genesis is a fairy story and wonder why people still believe it.

People who are interested in God’s relationship with humans.

People who wonder why some teaching about Genesis conflicts with accepted scientific data.

People who want to see a cohesive picture of Genesis within a framework that’s understandable and makes sense.


It’s being published by the American Theological Publishers, Wifp and Stock. If anyone does want to order a copy it’s available from It’s also be available for download on Kindle and iBooks etc



Day One Worship

The worship team from the First Baptist Church, Dallas will release their debut album on 11th November. ‘From The Dust’ by DAY ONE WORSHIP is being issued by in:ciite Media. Said Day One Worship’s Nicholas Costello, “‘From The Dust’ is a collection of worship songs woven with the thread of God’s love for us. These songs express his desire for a deep and personal relationship expressed through his mercy, grace and sovereignty. Many of the songs are inspired from stories of transformation from within our congregation. This collection is our best poetic expression of God’s love, grace and mercy.”


Review Xtra – WILL REAGAN & UNITED PURSUIT : Live at the Banks House

WILL REAGAN & UNITED PURSUIT Live at the Banks HouseWILL REAGAN & UNITED PURSUIT : Live at the Banks House.   (Elevation : ELE2057D)

Will Reagan says, “I’ve always been quick to explain that I learned how to lead worship in a living room. And most of the songs I’ve written have come out of one living room in particular, a living room in a house we call the banks house. This album is an attempt at capturing our experiences the past three years learning how to seek God in the safety and stillness of our home.” This album is the result of a live recording, during a time of worship at the house, with just an acoustic guitar, violin, percussion, and the occasional piano acting as backing. Musically, the style can loosely be called Folk worship, with Will taking most of the lead vocals. A cartoon on social media, depicts one person telling the other that it takes more than repeating one sentence over and over again, to make a proper worship song. Someone should have told Will Reagan about this. ‘We Have Come’ is five and a half minutes of a few words, repeated again and again. Other voices in the background join in, as and when, but it’s a strange sort of thing to release as an album. The second track is so mournful, that even the guitars sound sad. ‘Bless the Lord’ is the title, but I found it totally alien to how I worship through music and song. The track listing continues through 11 songs, all of which take the same repetitive form. Reading all the press releases and other media, this album is supposed to be pushing back the boundaries of worship. I quite agree, that we don’t all need to attend big tent concerts to worship God, but this recording falls flat when it comes to inspiration. Will’s vocals are okay, and the words that they do sing are all very positive, but that’s about all the plus points I can make. It’s not an album that I’ll be playing again, in a hurry.   3/10.

Review Xtra – THE LION’S ROAR : Moving to Higher Ground

THE LION’S ROAR Moving to Higher GroundTHE LION’S ROAR : Moving to Higher Ground.   (

The Lion’s Roar are a collection of musicians, from the W.I.N.G.S prophetic prayer movement, which aims to make a contribution in bringing the Kingdom of God to the UK and to other nations through hope. With songs written by Angie Lendon and/or Rob Parker, this 11 song debut comes over, in style, as Deacon Blue meets Mumford & Sons. “He Is Coming” declares the first track, with a triumphant chorus that instantly lifts your spirits. ‘You Set My Feet On Fire’ is one of those songs that bounces along, and will have the listener tapping their feet, and the live audience, jumping up and down in praise. I made a note on hearing this song that the violin was very good during this track. Unfortunately, in other songs, it gets used rather too much and becomes rather annoying at times. ‘God is moving’ is a gentle song, that Angie caresses in a style that she has performed for many years. The harmonies are excellent on ‘Sing O Barren Woman’, while the reprise of ‘Breathe on Us’ spoils what is, otherwise, a lovely song, by the token use of the violin again. ‘Song of Heaven’ was rather bland, compared to the other songs on offer, but ‘Incredible Jesus’ is simply wonderful, and comes over as verging on gospel, in style – a really nice duet here. “I Will Rise Up and Be Strong” is just one of the powerful phrases used in ‘Thy Kingdom Come’, while lastly, comes a song that the violin shines on. My apologies to violinist Ben Couper, as I think that over production of the instrument, elsewhere on the album, is to blame for me tiring of the sound. However, here, it fits perfectly and leads the way to another very good song. I’d like to see The Lion’s Roar, take this music on the road to many venues, as I think that they have every chance of becoming a very good, live ministry band.   8/10.

Ian Yates’ Spinning Single.

Ian Yates

Following on from the success of IAN YATES’ ‘DNA’ album reaching number 5 in the UK’s Official Christian Chart, will be releasing ‘Spinning’ as a radio single and EP. The EP will feature a new radio mix of ‘Spinning’, an additional live version of the song recorded at the album launch earlier this year, plus 2 brand new studio tracks recorded during the album sessions but not yet released.

Review Xtra – STRYPER : Live at the Whisky

stryper-live-at-the-whiskeySTRYPER : Live at the Whisky.   (

Stryper? Where to start? 30 years ago… or a just a couple when they reformed? I tried to just sit back and take this CD as it is – a live set recorded in 2013 at the legendary Whisky A Go Go, but I couldn’t help but keep comparing with their past glories. Amazon has this listed as a CD/DVD package, but I only had the CD so that’s all I can review, I’m afraid. And it’s a good CD. It’s very live and leaps snarling from the speakers. The musicianship is as good as you’d hope from seasoned pros. The harmonies aren’t quite as sharp as their studio output, especially as the gig progresses (but whose are – unless you go back and re-record them?) but Michael Sweet is unmistakable as he hits his high vibrato and the way the voices combine is Stryper through and through (eg ‘Calling On You’): if anything it was this that set them apart when they first burst on the scene and it’s good to hear they’ve still got it. The intro and solo to “Loud and Clear” shows they’ve not slowed down on the fretwork, either (and the traded solos on ‘Jesus Is Just Alright’ are a delight). It’s good, also, to hear the clarity of conviction that amazed people at the time: as they sing “I will follow you because you died for me” (‘More Than A Man’) it’s the kind of simple Christian message critics said couldn’t be delivered in mainstream rock. How wrong they were. If there’s a criticism of the CD, it’s that it is so full-on. There’s no real light and shade in the first half: at a gig you don’t really care, but listening at home it does. Maybe this is an “in the car” CD, therefore, where subtlety doesn’t get heard. They do slow down for a run of tracks in the second half, giving them a chance to show a more melodic side to the guitar riffs (and the audience a chance to belt out the choruses). After the recent “Second Coming” which saw their greatest tracks re-recorded, a live set may seem superfluous. But it has tons more energy than that release and gives you a pretty good idea of what you’re in for should you be lucky enough to see them live. Best track: The Way (if only because I picked ‘Reach Out’ from ‘Second Coming’).

7/10.   Paul Ganney