News for Vivienne Neville.

Vivienne NevillePlankton Recording Artist, VIVIENNE NEVILLE has recently spent time with fellow stable-mate, Liz Clarke. Together, they have had lots of fun and have been working on future events, including a September tour of the US. Their charity single “What A Friend We Have In Jesus” continues to garner great reviews Meanwhile, Vivienne has also some amazing events coming up, working with Prophetic Artist Julia Powell.


Calling Worship Leaders, Musicians, and Worshippers.

Mission Worship 2014

The conference for all Worship Leaders, Musicians and Worshippers

The Kingsway Trust is excited to host another year of Mission Worship from Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd November at The Devonshire Park Complex in Eastbourne, East Sussex.

This year sees an exciting line-up with worship and teaching from Matt Redman, Stuart Townend, Reuben Morgan, Noel Robinson, Lara Martin, Godfrey Birtill, Chris McClarney, Aaron Keyes, Jake Isaac, Doug Williams, Glenn Packiam and more. During the weekend there will be 4 Main Celebrations, 2 Late Night events and 36 Seminars/Workshops.

This year the conference theme is: Let the people say… ‘The Lord our God is good’

As we gather again for another year’s conference, we recognise that even though times may be difficult with our family, our health, our jobs, our finances, no matter what we face the people of God are still rising up to declare His goodness.

It can be a challenge to exercise faith at this time but by doing so we are acknowledging God’s willingness to bless us and bring goodness into our lives.

Once we have experienced the Lord’s goodness – tasting and delighting in His fullness, we realise nothing else can satisfy our heart’s desires.

So at this years conference #MW14 we want to sing! dance! give time and space to Let the people say… ‘The Lord our God is good’

Book now for £80 and save £20 off the full ticket price up until May 31st!

For more information please call us on 01323 506402, email us at or visit

THE REVIEW ZONE – Jason Bare : Love is Alive

Jason Bare

JASON BARE : Love is Alive.   (

This is a crowd funded release, which shows how many people believe in Bare’s music even before he’s stepped into a recording studio. He’s a worship leader first and foremost, which shows through firmly in his music. The lyrics are fairly short sound-bites which really don’t make much sense written down but fit very well when sung. As it’s P&W, there’s not a lot of new ground to be broken (otherwise congregations can’t keep up). I wasn’t overly impressed with the opener – it seemed to be trying too hard to be quirky, shifting rhythms as it went. Much better was the second track, “More Than Enough”, which had far more coherence and singalongability to my ears and one I’d not be afraid to introduce to a congregation. Even more so was the anthemic “Lamb of God”, a real lighters – sorry, hymnals – in the air song. Honourable mentions also to “Light of Your Love”, “Everlasting God”, “He Took My Place” and “Miracle Maker” (on which Jennifer McGill provides a wonderful second lead vocal). A lot of these are towards the end of the CD, so you can see that it finishes strongly. I think my only real minus point on this CD is lyrical: although there’s a lot of “Lord”, “God”, etc. the name “Jesus” never appears (although “Emmanuel” does make one appearance) and “Christ” only 4 times (2 of those in the same song). It’s in keeping with a lot of modern P&W but it’s a trend I’m not a great fan of. Overall this CD isn’t ground-breaking, but it’s very competent. There’s material here for the home worshippers and new stuff for the congregation leaders. However, if you’re not into P&W CDs it won’t change your mind. 7/10 Paul Ganney.

THE REVIEW ZONE – Hillsong United : The White album.

Hillsong white album

HILLSONG UNITED : The White Album.   (Hillsong : HMACD285)

I’ve got to admit that this album was a bit of a shock to the system, for me. It takes many previously released Hillsong United songs, and gives them a complete overhaul in the shape of remixes, created by engineers and musicians. Tracks are full of loops, sound clips, and various electronic sounds, and it all comes over like something of a scientific experiment. I wasn’t very impressed by either ‘With Everything’ or ‘Scandal of Grace’, as the tracks seemed to take out the very life of the original songs. On the contrary, ‘Like An Avalanche’ works well, and it’s new version was very passionate. ‘Aftermath’ is a relaxing sound, but the destruction of ‘Hosanna’ had me tearing my hair out in frustration. The only way I could describe the finished sound is “the death of a song”. I understand that remixes have been around for a number of years, yet I haven’t really warmed to them. On this occasion, I was curious to hear how these songs could have had new life breathed into them. Certainly, those responsible for these versions haven’t just added a few alternative drum beats. They have gone much further than that, and offer fourteen tracks that have had the full remix treatment. I think that this album is a brave release and it will be interesting to see how it’s received by the media and Hillsong fans alike. For me, I prefer the originals.   6/10.

The Review Zone – FEAR GOD : God Bless the World, Not Just America.

Fear God

FEAR GOD : God Bless The World, Not Just America.   (Thumper Punk Records)

Doug Jutras decided he needed clarity in his life – Jesus provided it and this CD reflects that. Released on the Thumper Punk label, whose tag line is “Jesus Christ Hard Core (JCHC) is spoken here. Fight like a man, scriptures in hand!” you know you’re not in for an ambient trance CD. It does indeed come out fighting, shouting lines like “Love God” over buzzsaw guitar – subtle it is not. It reminded me a certain amount of the Bill Mason Band, including the slower bits such as the spoken verses of “What Am I Doing Here” and the use of the bass guitar to provide the riff. Other bits are more Sham 69 meets the Sex Pistols (especially “Closer He Gets To You”). If anything I think the vocal was a bit high in the mix, which detracted a touch from the energy of the band. “Can’t U Be There” showed what happens when they do this, allowing the slightly psychedelic guitar figure to come through. Lyrically, for a genre that usually focuses so much on anger and injustice, Fear God focus very much on forgiveness and acceptance by God through Jesus, doing so in simple sound bites and repeated motifs (some of which would be very powerful to hear a whole concert hall chanting). It’s not all 100mph drumming as the acoustic (and powerful) “Kelly Testimony” and somewhat jokey countrified “Happy Birthday Dad” show. But mostly it is. Best track: “What Am I Doing Here” (although “Happy Birthday Dad” will be in your head for a week).   7/10.   Paul Ganney.

The Review Zone : Paul Whitfield – Deeper With You.

Deeper With You Cover

PAUL WHITFIELD : Deeper With You.   (

Paul Whitfield hails from South Yorkshire and has been interested and fascinated by music for as long as he can remember. Throughout his teens I played keyboards in various local bands. For the past 10 years he has been involved in leading worship at his local church, and has now released this album of original songs. The title track starts off the album and it’s all about getting into a deeper relationship with God. It begins with just a guitar backing but builds, musically, as it progresses, and results in a fine song. ‘Supernatural Majesty’ is a totally different sound – more 80’s rock – but it comes across well. Most of the songs are easy listening pop, but the foot tapping ‘There’ll Be Joy’ edges on country. Here, Paul is joined by Philippa Hanna for a delightful duet. Paul’s vocals are very good. On the ballad, ‘The Church I See’ he looks at the make-up and the workings of the church, and how he sees it. His own testimony is the thrust of ‘I Will Not Run, I Will Not Hide’ I’d tried to think of who some of the songs reminded me of, and it was this one that made it clear. There’s a definite touch of Take That within, as well as a smattering of Michael W. Smith, especially on ‘Lord of All My Life’. Saying that, I’m not sure that ‘Saviour of My Life’ really works. It has a 90’s techno backing that sounds dated, and Paul’s vocals just doesn’t suit it. To end the album, there are a few instrumental tracks including a saxophone version of the title track, and a gentle piano piece called ‘Broken Heart’. The production and recording teams must get a big thumbs up, as the finished product is so crisp and clean. This all helps make this the best independent release of the year, so far.   9/10.

Noah – A Musical Adventure Tour Dates.

NoahSaltmine Theatre Company in a new partnership with Doug Horley presents NOAH – A MUSICAL ADVENTURE.

This brand new, spectacular, fun-filled family musical based on the story of Noah and the Ark is packed full of great original songs written by Doug Horley (Duggie Dug Dug) and Mark Read from the band ‘A1’. Come on board and join Noah and his three sons as their incredible adventure unfolds, supported by amazing puppetry, dance and innovative scenery.

Noah is a good man who believes in God. So when God tells him that there will be
a mighty flood and that Noah must build an Ark to save his family, the animals and
anyone else who believes, that’s exactly what Noah starts to do…….but there’s no sign
of rain. Is a flood really coming? Will the ark ever be ready? Will anyone else believe?

NOAH – A MUSICAL ADVENTURE is guaranteed to delight all ages.

“The songs are wonderfully witty and touching at the same time”
(Ruthie Henshall multi-award winning star of Les Miserables, Cats and Chicago)

Friday 16th May Stockton Baptist Tab, Stockton-on-Tees, TS18 1TE 7 pm 01642 602223
Sat 17th May Benn Hall, Newbold Road, Rugby, CV21 2LN 7 pm 01788 544608
Sunday 18th May The Key Theatre, Peterborough, PE1 1EF 6:30 pm SOLD OUT
Friday 23rd May The Leatherhead Theatre, Leatherhead, KT22 8DN 7 pm 01372 365141
Sat 24th May The Regent Centre, Christchurch, BH23 1AS 7 pm 01202 499199
Tues 27th May Marina Theatre, Lowestoft, NR32 1HH 7 pm 01502 533200
Weds 28th May Mumford Theatre, A. Ruskin Uni, Cambridge, CB1 1PT 7 pm 0845 196 2320
Thurs 29th May Palace Theatre, Appletongate, Newark, NG24 1JY 7 pm 01636 655755
Fri 30th May The Forum, Barrow-in-Furness, LA14 1HH 7 pm 01229 820000
Sat 31st May Burnley Mechanics, Burnley, BB11 1BH 7:30 pm 01282 664400
Fri 6th June Goldmine Centre, 14a Lower Hall Lane, Walsall, WS1 1RL
7 pm 01922 621951
Sat 7th June Royal Hippodrome Theatre, Eastbourne, BN21 3PF 7 pm 01323 521125