The Neverclaim Steal Their Hearts.

The NeverclaimThe Neverclaim’s  “Steal Their Hearts” Prayer Campaign is simply us setting aside time and banding as one body in prayer over our children. We desire the absolute best for our children, so let’s join together in covering them in prayer!

We believe we could see an amazing movement of God’s people! We also believe that by providing a platform and resources, parents can utilize these great tools for encouraging and/or teaching this powerful prayer and coupled with the song, could possibly inspire a generation of people praying the “Steal Their Hearts” prayer.

Our Heart

The Neverclaim has always been more than about seeing people blessed by our music. We’ve always desired to stir individuals to take action for Gods kingdom and for His glory. Our songs have always been aimed at speaking life, destiny and inspiration towards our listeners and fans. Steal Their Hearts is a song that we believe will resonate strongly with parents and will move them into a life of focused prayer based around seeing their children won for Christ.

To see how you can join the campaign, please visit


Review Xtra – Sounds of Wales : Acappella

SOW AcapellaSOUND OF WALES : Acappella.   (Elevation : ELE1983D)

Sound Of Wales (SOW) is a ministry devoted to celebrating the spiritual musical heritage of Wales, training and developing communities of worship and revealing the glory of Jesus on earth through gospel-centred music. From that ministry comes SOW Acappella, a project comprising of Hannah Barnes, Jessica Morgan and Cath Woolridge. Let me say, straight away, that we have three lovely voices on show here. Usually, musical instruments can change the whole sound of each song. Here, the ladies are limited to just their vocal prowess, and I’m not sure that there is enough scope in their voices to stop one song sounding very much like the next. ‘O Come Let Us Adore Him’ is a straight forward, no thrills version, while ‘Dacw ‘Nghariad’ (presumably Welsh language) shows little imagination, either. The first, real vocal acrobatics comes on ‘Bread of Heaven’, were production becomes more technical, with delightful harmonies and backing. ‘Joyful Joyful’ is a very jolly little ditty, while there’s also a creditable version of ‘Gloria’. After that, I just lost interest in the whole thing. One song drifted into another and I was totally bored. Acappella songs are all very well if performed well, but this collection shows little imagination in production. 3/10.

Review Xtra – New Wine Worship : Deeper

New Wine Worship DeeperNEW WINE WORSHIP : Deeper.   (Elevation : ELE1981D)

Recorded live at last year’s New Wine event in Shepton Mallet, this recording has one of the best live productions I’ve ever heard. The sound is crisp and clear, and you can actually hear those gathered, singing along, and adding to the overall sound. Chris Lawson Jones starts things off, with a nice, new song (to me) called ‘The Greatest Love’. It’s a typical “thank you” to Jesus for all His love, but the song sounds really different to the countless others of the same theme. Martin smith, then, comesto the fore, with ‘God’s Great Dance Floor’. You can tell by the audience’s response that this song just thrills everyone with God’s Spirit pouring down. An exciting sound, and one that’s followed by a typical “jumping up and down” song by The Rend Collective. ‘Build Your Kingdom Here’ is pure magic, and reminded me of long forgotten days, enjoying the sound of Eden Burning. ‘Great Is Your Faithfulness’ sounds like it could have been a Queen song. All that was missing was a Brian May guitar solo. Have a listen, and see what you think. Martin Smith returns with ‘Safe in Your Arms’. Co-written with Chris Tomlin, it’s a song that matches any Delirious? Classic, with pure majesty. There’s one or two songs that I didn’t rate, but a mention must go to the sweet vocals of Becky Drake on ‘Such A Time As This’. It’s a nice song, and closes this recording. Overall, ‘Deeper’ is one of the better live event recordings around.   8/10.

Pre-Order the new Remission Flow Album Now!

Rhythms of GraceHello Everyone
You can now pre order the brand new Remission Flow album on itunes. Click this link, and get it today.
The good guys over at New Release Tuesday are previewing the album on their site all week, so you can have a sneaky listen before you buy.
There have been some great reviews coming in, with one from Louder Than The Music in the UK, and one from Christian Music Review in the USA being amongst our favourites.
Also make sure you download the FREE EP over at Noisetrade, if you’ve not already, and please check out our new Look Website over at

The Review Zone – The Remission Flow : Rhythms of Grace @remissionflow

The Remission Flow - Rhythms of GraceTHE REMISSION FLOW: Rhythms of Grace.   (

Previously well rated by the redoubtable Mr Howlett, here we have the latest from this Irish seven-piece rock pop band calling themselves The Remission Flow. Things get off to a great start in this 11-track release with the ‘stadium rockish’ ‘Grace and truth’, followed by the rocking ‘Before the dawn’. ‘Your love is a melody’ is slow and reflective and shows this band’s versatility. For me, the best track is ‘More like you’, which features a great drum riff. ‘Fearless’ is also particularly strong. Darren Mulligan’s appropriately rough-edged but note-perfect lead vocals are excellent throughout, and altogether it is evident that this is a very capable set of musicians who really gel together – with Mark Mulligan’s drumming worth a special mention. There is more to this release than performance however – most songs are well written lyrically and musically, and arrangements and production are excellent. Downsides? Firstly, the track sequencing could be better – particularly the fact that ‘Fearless and ‘Vast as the oceans’ are very similar melody-wise yet follow one another. Secondly, you guessed it, the sound quality leaves a lot to be desired! 8/10. Dave Deeks

The Review Zone – The Situation : Beyond the Horizon

The SituationTHE SITUATION : Beyond the Horizon.   (

The Situation are four guys from Newcastle. Guitarist, Ross Hill, says; “We’re all Christians and as a result the songs are written from that perspective. However our aim was not to make them overtly Christian and to appeal to the masses.” With that in mind, this 5 track EP should find a home with both Christian and secular fans alike. There’s a mix of blues and rock on ‘Tall Drink’. It’s a strong opener, and has both an infectious hook and has some nice guitar work. Gareth Brown’s vocals fit really well on ‘Ready To Ride’, and there’s also another guitar riff that sticks in your head after playing. The sound is comparable to 70’s bands such as Free and Bad Company, yet there’s more than a passing nod to Eric Clapton on ‘What’s Taking You So Long’. Written by Brown, he says “It’s expressing how I sometimes feel about my future life partner but also just an honest expression of that comparable intimacy with God eluding me. Bit like you get in some psalms – being real with God”. ‘Return of the Rhythm Railroad chugs along quite nicely, while some excellent keyboard sounds adds to the closing song, ‘Wandering Man’. The five songs show a lot of promise for this band, and I can see them going down well live. Hopefully, a full album will be next on the agenda. 8/10.

The Review Zone – The Way : I Keep Falling

The Way I Keep FallingTHE WAY : I Keep Falling.  (

Rock or punk? That’s the question I asked myself as the CD played. In the end I didn’t care, but I think I probably ended up on the “punk” side (but with some definite rock-isms in there: the vocals don’t snarl for example, and “Greater Grace” is definitely a Fleetwood Mac shuffle). The speed is pure punk, but some of the themes and playing are more rock. Oh well, stop analysing – just sit back and enjoy it. It’s a very solid sound without being grating, more Sex Pistols than Buzzcocks and with titles like “Faith In Naturalism” and “Irrationality Of Relativism” the lyrics aim a bit more highbrow than the genre usually invites – offering opinion on these topics as well as statements like “following your will can be a scary thing”. It’s a very solid album, without a duff track in sight. They’re at their best when they lift their heads up for a breather and pace the track through light and shade, before going heads down for the finale. Best track: “Faith In Naturalism”.   7/10   Paul Ganney.