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The Remission Flow



The Remission Flow release their new album ‘Rhythms Of Grace’ on April 22nd. That’s about 4 weeks away. For those of you who can’t wait that long, we’ve got a special treat. We’ve put together an EP with 2 brand new songs from the album along with 2 from their last album and its FREE.
The Before The Dawn EP is out now. All you have to do is follow this link and start downloading.


Review Xtra – Worship at Crookes : Everlasting Joy @WorshipCrookes

Worship at Crookes Everlasting JoyWORSHIP AT CROOKES : Everlasting Joy. (Digital Download from Amazon, i-Tunes, etc)

This song is the debut single from the Worship team at St Thomas Crookes in Sheffield. It’s quite a big production, with a lot going on, it starts fairly laid back, but soon builds into a lively worship song. Running in at nearly five and a half minutes it’s quite a long song, but it has enough happening throughout to hold your interest, there’s plenty of variation between the chorus and the verses, which makes it quite a nice song to listen to. The words speak of God’s promises for the future, whilst being in a time of struggle, many people will be able to identify with these lyrics I think. You can download  from iTunes, and Amazon, and most of the other places that sell digital downloads. There is also a music video on You tube apparently, although despite my best efforts I couldn’t find it anywhere. All in all though this is quite a good song, and definitely worth the cost of a download.    8/10.   Andy Sayner.

Review Xtra – Hyldas : As the Rain Hides the Stars @Hyldas1

Hyldas As the Rain Hides the StarsHYLDAS : As the Rain Hides the Stars.   (

Clare Hunt and Mike Clifford began to write and play music together a few years ago. They both liked the idea of putting old hymns with great words to folk tunes old and new. Many old hymns are combinations of poems or prayers set to folk tunes, bridging the sacred / secular divide. They continued this process and were inspired by words of poets and meditations used by a local Christian Ecumenical Community. Joined by good friend, Tim Thwaites, this Cd is the result. I must admit that it’s quite some time since I reviewed a folk album, and it made for a pleasant listen. ‘For the Beauty of the Earth’ sounds delightful, complete with whistles and violins, to carry Clare’s warm vocal tones. ‘God My Redeemer’ sounds almost like a lullabye, while ‘Hear My Prayer’ comes over like a cross between blue grass and negro spiritual. Based on Psalm 130, ‘Out of Our Depths’ is a soul crying out for the Lord, and similarly ‘How Long, O Lord’ laments on waiting for God’s help in time of sorrow. On both songs, the violin sound comes to the fore and on the latter, it reminded me of 80’s band, Dark Horses’ song ‘The Denial’. All the instruments work well together, and the medley of ‘Sweet Bonnie Lass’ and ‘Rothbury Holiday’ instrumental is super. The words of Genesis 28 have been used on ‘Gate of Heaven’ and this sees some nice harmonies on show. It’s not an exciting album, by any means, but for those who like their music to have an acoustic sound, this fits the bill perfectly.   8/10.

Review Xtra – Matthew James McKay : My Gospel Journey

Matthew James McKayMATTHEW JAMES McKAY : My Gospel Journey.   (

Regular readers of NFN will know that I’m a big fan of this young man. Over the last three years, he’s released three CD’s and now goes that step further for his debut DVD. Produced by Christian Faith Ministries, it features 12 songs previously available on CD, with Matthew James (aka MJ) singing whilst on location at such sites as the coastal town of Gardenstown, and breath-taking scenery from the Isle of Skye and around the north east of Scotland. Yes, it’s been done before by the likes of Daniel O’Donnell and Marilla Ness, but that doesn’t detract from this very good production. MJ’s vocals are smooth and soothing all the way through and the opening ‘The Haven of Rest’ sets the tone for the rest of the collection. ‘God on the Mountain’ has always been a favourite of mine. It has a lovely, country feel about it, and I’ve played it on air a few times in the past. I smiled at ‘I’d Rather Have Jesus’ as MJ strums his acoustic guitar – an instrument that almost looks too big for him, and reminds me that he is still only just a teenager. Including a couple of duets, songs of note are ‘Burdens Lifted At Calvary’, ‘You Raise Me Up’ and ‘In Christ Alone’. A minor moan might be that the pace of each song hardly changes. Saying that, the formula is tried and tested, and has thrilled his listeners in his native Scotland, as well as Ireland. The DVD is a terrific piece of work and will bless many. Long may MJ continue his gospel journey.   9/10.

Review Xtra – Rend Collective : The Art of Celebration @rendcollective

Rend Collective - The Art of CelebrationTHE REND COLLECTIVE : The Art of Celebration.  (Integrity Download)

Here we have the third studio release of the Bangor-based six-piece folk rock worship band calling themselves ‘Rend Collective Experiment’. This follows their well-received 2013 live album ‘ Campfire’, with the band having toured with Matt Redman, Tenth Avenue North and Moriah Peters, and Ben Cantelon. For those who haven’t heard them before I can perhaps best describe them as a cross between Mumford & Sons and Delirious? – the rousing ‘More than conquerors’ to my ears being the track that most implies a Mumfords influence, and the general tendency to ‘anthems’ being very Delirious?-like! I really enjoyed this album and can well imagine that the Rends go down a storm live. It is chock full of well arranged tracks with great melodies and strong hooks, all delivered by Gareth Gilkerson’s note-perfect slightly raspy vocals and underpinned by a nice variety of instruments – including at various times mandolin, massive sounding drums and ‘large choir’ backing vocals. ‘My lighthouse’ is probably the standout track – and as well as the studio version there is a bonus track ‘live’ alternative. The opener ‘Joy’ (together with a bonus ‘remix’ version) and ‘Burn like a star’ are particularly strong, as is the aforementioned ‘More than conquerors’. Downsides? Some of the lyrics tend to be a bit twee, and when everything piles in (as it often does) the sound is compressed and distorted on a nice sound system (a pet frustration of mine!) – so it’s probably best to limit listening to laptop speakers!  8/10. Dave Deeks

Competiton for All Stryper Fans!





Multi-platinum rock band Stryper is pleased to announce a very special contest around the latest single from their new studio album, NO MORE HELL TO PAY. “Te Amo” will be made available as a free download on the band’s official website at

Once fans have downloaded the track, they can utilize their artistic and technological skills to make a music or lyric video for the song. Once they have created their masterpiece, they can submit the video for review by a special panel of judges. The judges will pick their 10 favorite videos from the submissions, and those top 10 videos will then be posted on for not only Stryper fans, but hard rock and heavy metal fans around the world to vote for their favourite.

The grand prize winner will have their video posted on Stryper’s official YouTube channel, Frontiers Records’ YouTube channel and, with director credit for the video on all sites. The winner will also receive a Skype call with vocalist/guitarist Michael Sweet and a prize package containing Stryper merchandise items, guitar picks, drumsticks and an autographed copy of NO MORE HELL TO PAY.