New music from Kutless.

KutlessKUTLESS will kick off 2014 with their brand new album ‘Glory’, released on 11th February 2014. The band’s eighth studio album will feature the single ‘You Alone’, which is currently charting in the US.




Love has spoken, for Jason Gray.

Jason GrayJASON GRAY will release his new album ‘Love Will Have The Final Word’ on 4th March 2014. Produced by Jason Ingram and Cason Cooley the album includes the hit song ‘With Every Act of Love’. “It’s a statement of confidence and determination”, says Centricity Music. “And it’s true: we live in the assurance that through all of our ups and downs, the ultimate victory has been won for us, and Love has spoken.”

The Blind Boys of Mississippi return with a new album release.

Blind BoysTHE BLIND BOYS OF MISSISSIPPI, who have gained two Grammy Award nominations and shared the stage with Bobby Womack and Stevie Wonder, are readying a new album, ‘Traditions’. The first single from the project, “If We Had Love”, has now been released on X-tratainment Inc. Said the group’s Sandy Foster, “I have been with the group for 43 years and I think this is the best CD the group has ever made.”

Can You Help Keith Ayling?

Keith AylingI need your help to launch my new album!


At the moment it’s on a website called Pledge Music that helps people raise pre – orders before release.
It’s a little like ‘crowdfunder’ or ‘kickstarter’.


The album has taken a few years to complete and I’m very confident it’s the best I’ve ever written and recorded.
It mixes strings and brass and pop to create Victorian Baroque Pop!
I’ve been lucky enough to work with some amazing people like Ben Castle, Eastbourne Salvation Army Band and Warwick

University Brass as well as many more old and new friends.


You can read about it here on  Pledge Music.  (

So friend, I now need your support.

The destination of the journey is a Deluxe Box Edition which includes a gatefold heavyweight Vinyl together with Compact Disc, Download, Signed Limited Art Print and lyric sheet together with a packet of my own leaf tea! You can of course pledge to the simple download or many other rewards including a concert in your very own house!

A percentage of the profit will also be donated to Brass for Africa, who work to set up bands in slums around Kampala.

Thanks for reading and I hope you might be able to support me here. I would be very grateful if you could tweet and post this to your friends so that we can reach as many people as possible with the news.

With my very best wishes,

Mister Keith

New Book from Michael Milton.

Michael MiltonTheologian, author and singer/songwriter MICHAEL MILTON has released Sounding The Depths: When Jesus Prays For His People, a new book from EP Press in the U.K. The new book is based on the Book of John, Chapter 17. “It is my prayer that the incredible love of Jesus the Lord, the subject of this study in Sounding the Depths, will break the brittle veneer of theological and experiential coldness in some to open to the in-rushing warmth of vital, red-blooded, new spiritual life,” Milton says. “This new life is not just the good consequences of wise moral choices, nor is it an accident in history, but as we see in Scripture, Jesus Christ literally prayed for this new life. “…That the entire redemptive plan of the ages would be brought forward through the prayer of the Son to the Father in the Spirit is an unfathomable glory that is transforming in itself,” Milton says. “This is not a scholastic Calvinism for the calloused. This is a radically Biblical doctrine for the spiritually starved.”

The Review Zone – Phil Lewis : Age of Nothing

Phil Lewis Age of NothingPHIL LEWIS : Age of Nothing.   (

I cannot believe that I’ve been following Phil’s musical career for nearly 18 years. Numerous releases have seen him produce some really good songs, and gain him a record contract for his “Movements In Space” album. If that’s not enough, he’s also gained a semi finalist place in the UK Songwriting Contest. This latest release  finds him collaborating, musically, with long time friend Ben Hayes, who provides some interesting sounds for Phil’s distinctive vocals. ‘Imprisoned’ is the mini-album’s first track and, from the great drum sounds, right through to the excellent guitar work, the result is perfect for Phil’s voice. With many influences over the years, there’s possibly a nod in the direction of The Killers with this song, and that’s no bad thing. It’s a a fantastic realisation in anyone’s life that they are prepared to accept God into their lives, and ‘Ready’ describes that feeling of excitement. It’s another engaging song and, lyrically, spot on. There’s an almost 80’s sound to the title track. I’m not sure that I’ve got this right, but it sounds as if Phil’s singing about a mid-life crisis! It’s more electro-pop than the previous tracks, but I liked it a lot. However, I can’t say the same about ‘Devil Comes to Dance’. Here, it’s mainly distorted guitar for accompaniment, as Phil warns about letting Satan get a hold in your life. Follow his ways, and he will be dancing. The lyrics are fine, but I found that the guitar sound just didn’t provide the menace that I believe the song required. Of the last two songs, ‘Calling Me’ is the stronger. When all is said and done, it’s your destiny to walk with God, and he’s just waiting for you to answer His call. Phil’s never been afraid to experiment with his sound, and I think that’s why I look forward to hearing his music. He always seems to come up with something different to his last collection, and this is no different. Who knows where the future will lead him? But I, for one, will be listening.   7/10.