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VINI CONTREAS : Case in Point.  (

Vini Contreas“My Dad bought me my first guitar for my 12th Birthday and I was immediately obsessed”, says Vini. “The Beatles had just landed and I couldn’t put it down. I wrote my first song at 19 and since then I’ve pretty much had one going at all times”. Vini moved to California in ’90 to pursue a songwriting career and became a Christian, at which point he pursued the Lord and started writing and playing worship as well as writing Contemporary Christian material. His 2009 album ‘Kingdom of Conscience’ was well received by the media, and it’s been  a great pleasure listening to this new offering. With acoustic guitar and harmonica still playing a large part in the music, as well as being likened to Bob Dylan, UK fans of Garth Hewitt should recognise Vini’s style. After the opening, short acoustic ‘Home Church’, we’re lead with driving guitar rhythm on ‘We All Need Jesus’. It’s a simple message, but well delivered. At five and a half minutes, ‘Watch the Apple Fall’ may be a little long for some radio stations, but it’s a great song. It has a strong chorus and catchy hooks. In fact, it has everything you could ask for in a song! Vini doesn’t hide the fact that his  songs are pro God, and he makes it quite clear with song titles like ‘With Jesus, The Giving is the Getting’ and ‘Bite Your Tongue’ – the latter being a reminder to us all. Towards the end of the album, things get a little rockier, and maybe that Beatles influence comes out on ‘Redemption’. There’s also a great guitar solo on ‘To Timothy, Too, by August Gilliland. The closing accapella track, ‘Father God, Father Father’ stuck in my head for a while after hearing it. Who did it remind me of? Layered harmonies work really well and hark back to the sounds of The Beach Boys in their prime. When so many US albums find their way to me with production raised to a maximum, this budget release is a little gem.   9/10.


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